Standard Females


Jamming Tail 'cuz I can

Breeder: Mirka Rautio

I wasn't supposed to keep any puppies at home but Anouk was something special. ;) I absolutely adore Anouk. <3


Fame factory's just excellent

Born: 22. 5. 2007
Breeder: Emma Hansson, Sweden

Owners: Mirka Rautio and Ilpo Koskinen 
Naiya is also sterilized for not ovulating at all.
She is the nicest pet ever.
Naiya lives with family Forssel-Koskinen. 
Thank You Pipsa and Ilpo for taking care of Naiya .And Emma for everything.

Standard Males


Tzinacantli (Hernandez)

Born: 6 .8. 2006
Breeder. Marco Hernandez, Mexico

Hips B/B, Knees 0/0, Elbows 0/0,Eyes & heart healthy,

Thank you Marco for this beautiful Dog.  

Intermediate Female



Born: 6.3.2015
Breeder Tatiana Pöllänen
Prada is a sweet little rascal and I look forward to see how this little beaty grows up to. <3


Charanda (Hernandez)

Born: 26.5.2011
Breeder : Marco Hernandez, Mexico

Chara is our lovely little rascal. Thank you Marco and Fausto for this little monkey <3 She keeps me going...


Fame Factory's Unique

Born: 29.11.2005
Breeder Emma Hansson, Sweden
Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, Knees 2/2, eyes & heart healthy

Uni is sterilized because of the patellar luxation. Knees were operated and Unique is having a normal life. Thank you Emma for introduceing me this lovely breed.


Jamming Tail Don't let me get me

Born: 28.09.2011
Breeder: Mirka Rautio
Liam is the one that absolutely not was going to stay at home ;) Love him to pieces <3


Yashte Candox(Hernandez)

Born: 1.10.2006
Breeder: Marco Hernandez,mexico

Hips A/A, Knees 0/0, Elbows 0/1, eyes & Heart healthy

Thank you Marco for this loving female. <3 Best present ever!!


Dama De La Primavera Hermosa

Breeder: Elena Svetlova , Russia
Gia is big and wild and has a lot of love to give. She is a lovely daughter of Tzinacantli and Naqhi. Gia is owned and cared by me and Emma Räkköläinen. 
Thank you Elena Svetlova for this big package of love and Emma for taking such a good care of her. <3

Miniature Female


Gris montenegro Dinara

Born: 15.7.2013
Breeder Oxana Eremina
ariel is my dream come true. She is loved and cared by me and Henni Reunanen <3 Thank you for everything!